Author Update: Laurie Vázquez - sneak peek at her new book!

December 4, 2020
Author Update: Laurie Vázquez - sneak peek at her new book!

From The Stories of She contributor Laurie Vázquez (Sister Gun):

Here's a snippet from my upcoming paranormal YA novel, MOON BITE: 
Kimi stopped cold, foot hovering above the cold ground. Held her breath. Strained her body against the biting night air to listen. She heard nothing but the wind rustling tree leaves... and then, the most cold-blooded animal howl she'd ever heard. 
She ran. 
Whatever had howled was moving. Fast. Closing in on her. She pushed her legs, lungs burning in the frigid air.  A rhythmic thumping gallop pushed her to run harder. Whatever was behind her was close. And heavy. And BIG. 
She trips, falling over an embankment. She ducks under it, flattening herself up against the side. She looks up to check her position and holds her breath... just as a dark, bloody shape leans over the embankment. 
Its fur was bloody and matted. It smelled like meat that had been rotting for a week. Kimi wasn't surprised by that. What did surprise her, and made her cover her mouth to keep from screaming, were its hands. They were human. They shouldn't have been human. They had too long fingers that turned into claws that tore into the soft dirt of the embankment as it leaned further out to sniff...


YES, PLEASE. We can't wait to read the rest, Laurie!